Hashtag Generator

Let me preface this by saying that this is a pointless and ridiculous tool, but I did learn a few things while creating it.

Lately my friends and I have been including #RidiculouslyLongHashtagsForNoParticularReason in our text messages as well as our tweets. Many of my friends do not use camel case, which pains me as a developer. Camel case leads to much greater legibility: #thishashtagismuchhardertoread, whereas #ThisHashtagIsActuallyPrettyLegible. But typing out the hashtags can be a pain, especially on the iPhone. So, using Will Bontrager’s code as a jumping off point, I wrote my own Hashtag Generator. It’s very simple, and can only make one hashtag at a time, but it gets the job done. Also as an iPhone user I added a special exception to capitalize iPhone properly (I don’t mention iPads or any other iProducts enough to justify adding exceptions for them as well, but the code is available and adding those exceptions is pretty simple).

New Gadget Breakdown

I’ve recently received several holiday gifts and purchased a few items for myself. Now that I’ve had a chance to play with them, I figured I’d post some short thoughts on the gifts I received that are relevant to geeks.

Cosmonaut iPad Stylus

The Cosmonaut is a really great iPad stylus. It feels like a dry erase marker and has the accuracy of one, so it’s not for super detailed drawing but it’s great for writing and quick sketches. I had previously owned a Ten One Design Pogo Stylus, but it felt cheap, was too small for comfort, and was easy to lose.

I tried out several apps for sketching and writing in, and settled between two: Penultimate and Noteshelf. I thought Penultimate had a more appealing interface, but Noteshelf had great zoom functionality and more colors available. As such, I tend to use Noteshelf more frequently, but find myself going back to Penultimate for more casual and less detailed sketching and doodling.

Twitter Adds Tweet Embedding

Twitter announced today that they have added support for embedding of tweets on websites. I think is the first actual useful and positive thing that they’re rolled out in a while. I’ve embedded Matt Gemmell’s tweet that alerted me to this below as an example.